James Baldwin​, novelist and activist.  

            Hi there, I'm Chantal - pronouns she/her.

  As a Psychologist I believe in creating a  comfortable  frame for people to explore personal challenges. I tend  to be less symptom focused and more person focussed, meaning that I value the unique complexities inherent in being human, so aim to enhance self-understanding as a tool to foster personal growth through adversity.

I mainly use a narrative approach, which simply put, explores the meaning that we create through the stories we construct and tell about ourselves and the world. Through a process of uncovering these stories, I provide guidance on how to re-author those that may be the source of distress or emotional pain. I also draw on mindfulness-based techniques.

I offer both General Psychology as well as Sexual Health consultations.

For in person session I practice in Sea Point, Cape Town and also offer online sessions.

For more about how I can help with general psychology

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For more about how I can help with Sexual Health and wellbeing

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"Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.                                              



Chantal Fowler 

I am a Clinical Psychologist, which means that I am able to treat all psychiatric

disorders. I trained at Stellenbosch University, then completed  my internship at

Lentegeur Hospital, and community service at Helen Joseph Hospital. Since then I have worked in private practice, private psychiatric clinics and also various lecturing positions. Further to this I obtained my certification in Psycho-sexology from the European Society of Sexual Medicine, and as such am an expert in sexual health . I am also currently completing a PhD at the University of Cape Town, School of Public Health and Family Medicine, where I am focusing on the intersection of race and class in HIV positive adolescent girls. 

I am a member of the Southern African Sexual Health Association (SASHA), as well the My Sexual Health (MSH), which is the largest network of sexual health professionals in South Africa. My work in these organisations is born out of a passion to provide sexual health information and training to health care workers, and ultimately improve the sexual health services that is offered to all South Africans. 

I have listed a number of other professional affiliations below, all of which contribute to my continued development as a mental health care provider, something which I am highly committed to. 


2020 - Present

PhD - University of Cape Town, School of Public Health and Family Medicine


World Professional Association of Transgender Healthcare foundations Course


ECPS - Psycho-Sexologist certification (European Federation of Sexology & ESSM certified Psycho-Sexologist)


ESSM school of Sexual Medicine - Budapest


Masters in Clinical Psychology and Community Counselling - Stellenbosch University 


Honours in Community Psychology - UNISA


Bachelors in Social Science - Psychology - University of Cape Town 

Current professional Affiliations

European and International Society for Sexual Medicine https://www.issm.info/

International Online Sexology Supervisors https://www.sexologysupervisors.org/

Psychological Society of South Africa https://www.psyssa.com/

Southern African Sexual Health Association (SAHSA) https://sasha.org.za/

World Professional Association for Transgender Care www.WPATH.org.za

My Sexual Health https://mysexualhealth.co.za/