Lets talk about your sexual health                                                                                                                         

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As a sexual health expert, I can help with anything related to your sexual wellbeing such as:

  • Desire - low or excessive libido or partners with differing levels of  desire

  • Arousal - erectile dysfunction or difficulty becoming lubricated

  • Orgasm - having difficulty with orgasm, or orgasming too quickly

  • Pain during sex

  • Low sexual self-confidence 

  • Healing from sexual trauma and abuse

  • Enhancing your sexual pleasure

  • Exploring new areas of sexuality 

  • Improving sex between you and your partner/s

  • Your sexual orientation

  • Gender - this includes your identity, your gender expression, and gender affirming therapy 

  • Alternative relating such as navigating opening your relationship or family therapy for poly families

These are just a few of the things that a Sex Therapist can help you explore, but this list is by no means exhaustive. I can help whether you are experiencing extreme distress and dysfunction relating to the kinds of topics listed above, or if you are just wanting to find out if there’s more to the sex that you are currently experiencing. Most people have questions about sex that they find difficult to explore within their social circles, so they just live with the uncertainty, disappointment, or distress that the issue causes - when in fact there are people like me who can help!

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Physics is like sex; sure, it may give some practical results, but that’s not why we do it.

                                                                                                                                                    Richard P. Feynman, American Physicist

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Sex Therapists are typically trained in Psychology or Social Work, and have obtained further training and/or experience working in the field of Sexual Health.

Much like general counselling, Sex Therapy does NOT involve any

touching, bodily exposure or manipulation of any kind!

It’s all “talk therapy” based on general counselling techniques, where

we would explore topics that relate to your sexual health.

We may give you homework that can involve you and/or your

partner/s exploring various physical techniques and exercises,

which we would then talk about at the follow up sessions.

As with general psychology, I will do a verbal assessment with you,

and/or your partner/s in the first

session and then determine what the

best way to assist you would be.


Sessions are 50 minutes and usually happen once a week. Unlike with

general couple therapy, I will be able to see you and your partner/s

individually in separate sessions, as well as seeing you together

Besides social or psychological influences relating to your sexual health,

there can often be  physical influences as well. Sex Therapists

are qualified to assess whether this might be the case, but we can’t

diagnose or offer medical treatment. I thus work closely with

medical health professionals who have specialist training in sexual

health, and will refer you to them

if deemed necessary.  

For more about this see my blog called:"How do I know when I need a Sex Therapist?"


I see both children and adolescents in my Sexual Health practice.

Ways that I can help young  people:

  • When they have been victims of sexual abuse

  • When they require gender affirming therapy

  • Family support for gender diverse young people

  • When they are questioning their sexual orientation

  • When they express unusual or concerning sexual behaviours

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My online sexology platforms promote Sex-Positive activism. Sex-Positive messaging is about encouraging people to TALK ABOUT SEX MORE. Through de-mystifying sex in this way, it is our hope that people will be able to embrace a more positive attitude toward their sexuality and enjoy greater levels of sexual satisfaction. I also address the ways in which Sex-Negative messaging creates prime conditions for the oppression of people based on their sexual choices and their sexual expression.  I am particularly interested in the intersection of race and class in terms of sexual oppression, and am dedicated to working toward the eradication of unequal access to Sexual Health based on race and class membership.  While I do speak as a Sexual health professional, I express many of my own personal views on these platforms. My views are considered to be progressive and do challenge the boundaries of sexual conservatism, but this does not preclude me from being able to work within the ambits of your personal views.